These reviews are from various members of the club.

“Great class, with awesome teachers !!! Feel so good after doing it!!! Made for all ages, made to feel like part of the family whether you go once or every week !!!“ - C. MCALPINE

“Miles loves his kickboxing and looks forward to your class every week. He begins counting down the days on a Sunday until he can attend. It’s a scream. I think he would come daily : )”

“ I have been attending Kings Dojang body blast classes since oct 2014, in this time i have dropped 2 dress sizes!!!!!. These workouts are amazing, Claire is a fantastic instructor who keeps you motivated, very varied and if you want results this is the place to come. Love Love Love : ) : ) : )"

"Two years ago my kids started Tang Soo Do with Kings Dojang. After watching various classes, I decided to join in...Best decision I've ever made! The instructors are friendly, dedicated, hard-working and really push you to your limits. As well as Tang Soo Do, I also attend fitness classes that are, sometimes, punishing and challenging but the instructors are very supportive you end up feeling you can do almost anything...almost! Overall, Kings Dojang are quite simply the best fitness and martial arts classes we could ever hope for! As a family we have made great friends and have found even when pushed to the absolute limit, we can still come back fighting fit! As they say "If you're still breathing you can keep going"!" - Claire Golding and family

"Without Kings Dojang I think I would have given up on my fitness years ago. Claire and Ollie provide all the motivation and encouragement you need to make your fitness goals a reality (and beyond). They are like my extended family, always there with a friendly welcome for all members of the club. That is the sort of service you cannot buy or get from any other gym/dojang and keeps me going back."

"Great classes with awesome instructors, been coming for years and it's always varied and fun."

"We have been absolutely delighted with Claire's 'Kings Kobras' class since our twin boys started at age four. Now five, they are always excited to attend their next session and we have been very pleased to see Claire build 'stranger drills' into their recent classes, to keep them safe when they are out and about. SHe has a great way with kids and teaches them to listen and follow instructions. Which is no easy task!"