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Kings Kobra classes are designed to challenge and motivate 4-6 year olds and develop life skills. During our lessons we concentrate on a few key areas,

Self-esteem & Confidence: 

Nowadays more and more adults are lacking in self-esteem and confidence we firmly believe that if these qualities are encouraged at a young age children will have a better chance of carrying them through to adulthood. In our Kings Kobra classes children our given lots of praise for there efforts and we encourage them to believe in themselves and their own abilities.


The 4-6 age group can be very challenging and can often test their limits by misbehaving. Martial arts involves strong discipline and we encourage this but as the children in the King's Kobras classes are younger so we expect discipline but at a lower level to fit with the age of the children.

Channeling Aggression:

Children can get very frustrated with themselves and their surroundings. They often deal with this frustration by lashing out at something or someone else.In our classes we do teach them to kick and punch but we also educate them into understanding that hitting or hurting others is wrong, and what they are taught in class is only to be performed with our supervision.

Kings KobrasSelf-defence:

Small children struggle to understand the difference between defending themselves and being the cause of aggression. We want our children to be able to defend themselves but we have to make sure that they understand that physical contact is really a last result. We use role play to help the children deal with bullies and strangers and they all begin with the children using verbal defence.

Kids who take part in our classes will be fitter, make lots of friends and have lots of fun.

Kings Kobras is a stepping stone to Tang Soo Do or Kickboxing depending on which style you or your child would like to follow. We show them basics from both styles allowing them to make the decision when they need to. Kings Kobra classes will give children a fantastic head start into their martial arts career. 



We do mini-gradings for  the children every four months, allowing them to work up the belt system.

These gradings are free of charge and the children will receive a new belt and certificate if they pass.

The children will be taught the grading syllabus to attain their next belt and we will make sure they are confident on the techniques before they grade.

There are eight belts in total in the King's Kobra system and the children may not necessarily complete all of them before they move up to the junior classes.