Whether they have seen it on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or on the Power Rangers, children today have been exposed to martial arts from an early age.
Martial arts can provide a powerful workout, but we understand that some parents worry that these sports are too violent for children. While it is true that martial arts originated as fighting systems, today's martial arts provide children with physical exercise, a chance to gain self confidence, an opportunity to interact with others and provides them with a worthwhile lesson in self defence.

For children of all ages, martial arts are an exciting alternative to more traditional sports.

Here at King’s Dojang we offer training in two styles, Tang Soo Do and Kick Boxing.

Our Kadet programme is designed as a stepping stone for children and is for children that are too advanced for the Kobra sessions but not quite ready for the full martial arts classes. Classes are for 45 mins once week. In this class we teach the children valuable life skills such as respect and perseverance. The classes involve pad work, games, drills and some self-defence.

Both instructors have insurance, first aid certificates and CRB checks and have a vast amount of experience with teaching children, adults and martial arts. Claire also has experience of working in various schools as a HLTA specialising with working with children with various needs. She also teaches martial arts in local schools as part of their enrichment programme.

Our classes are taught with fun and have a genuine family feel to them.