Child Protection Policy

Academy Child Protection Policy

This Academy has a duty of care to Children and young people (under 18 years of age) and the safety and welfare of them is paramount;

The Academy acknowledges that it has a legal and moral responsibility to ensure the well being of the children and young people within the Academy;

The Academy acknowledges that every child and young person has the right to enjoy membership to what ever style we teach whether that is our Martial Art curriculum or the sport of Amateur boxing within a safe enjoyable setting;

The Academy will continually review this policy in the light of identified “best practice”

We acknowledge that every member including committee, Coach, Official and Volunteer has a moral and legal responsibility to safeguard and promote every Child and Young Person’s welfare;

This Academy is committed to ensuring that every child and Young Person regardless of age, ability, racial origin, religious belief, sexual orientation or gender has a right to learn, participate in and enjoy classes available free from the fear and safe from abuse of any type ;

The Academy ensures that all members of coaching team has an Enhanced DBS that is in date and available for anyone to view at any time. Claire King is the appointed Welfare Officer and will ensure that the Child Protection Policy is followed at all times.

Any allegation of the Child Protection Policy not being met will be treated seriously.

The Academy clearly understands that abuse comes in many forms which include Emotional, Physical and Sexual. Foul language, bullying and requiring a student to train at an inappropriate level is also recognised as a form of abuse.

It is everyone’s responsibility to report concerns and/or abuse;